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#!/usr/bin/env python

# Possible improvements:
# - Zoom-in/out toolbutton

from __future__ import division
import os
import sys

import cairo
import cairo.svg
import gobject
import gtk
if gtk.pygtk_version < (2,7,0):
    import cairo.gtk

action_list = [
    ('FileMenu',   None,           '_File'),
    ('Open',       gtk.STOCK_OPEN, '_Open', '<CTL>O', 'Open a file',
    ('Quit',       gtk.STOCK_QUIT, '_Quit', '<CTL>Q', 'Quit application',

ui_string = """\
  <menubar name='MenuBar'>
    <menu action='FileMenu'>
      <menuitem action='Open'/>
      <separator name='s1'/>
      <menuitem action='Quit'/>

def fix_actions (actions, instance):
    "UIManager Helper function to map method strings to an instance method"
    retval = []

    for action in actions:
        if len (action) >= 6: # action[5] is the callcack function as a string
            action = action[0:5] + (getattr (instance, action[5]),) + \
        retval += [action]
    return retval

def gdkcolor_to_rgb (gdkcolor):
    return gdkcolor.red/65535, gdkcolor.green/65535, gdkcolor.blue/65535

class Window (gtk.Window):
    def __init__ (self, title=None):
        gtk.Window.__init__ (self)
        if title:
            self.set_title (title)
        self.set_default_size(300, 200)

        self.af = None
        self.da = None

        self.vbox = gtk.VBox()
        self.add (self.vbox)

        # create UIManager menus
        ag = gtk.ActionGroup ('WindowActions')
        actions        = fix_actions (action_list, self)
        ag.add_actions (actions)

        self.ui = gtk.UIManager()
        self.ui.insert_action_group (ag, 0)
        self.add_accel_group (self.ui.get_accel_group())

            self.ui.add_ui_from_string (ui_string)
        except gobject.GError, exc:
            print 'uimanager.add_ui_from_string() error:', exc
            path = '/MenuBar'
            menubar = self.ui.get_widget (path)
            if menubar:
                self.vbox.pack_start (menubar, expand=False)
                print "Error: uimanager.get_widget('%s') failed" % path

        self.fileselect = MyFileChooserDialog(parent=self)

    def load_file (self, filename):
        """parse the svg file
        if self.af is None:
            self.af = gtk.AspectFrame()

            self.da = SVGWidget()

        self.da.load_file (filename)
        width, height = self.da.svg.get_size()

        self.af.set (xalign=0.5, yalign=0.5,
                     ratio=width/height, obey_child=False)

    def cb_open (self, action, data=None):
        """Open svg file (if one is selected) and render to widget
        filename = self.fileselect.get_filename_from_user()
        if filename:
            self.load_file (filename)

    def cb_quit (self, action, data=None):

00121 class SVGWidget (gtk.DrawingArea):
    A gtk.DrawingArea widget for displaying an SVG file

    uses cairo.svg - a SVG parser/renderer
    __gsignals__ = {'expose_event' : 'override',

    def __init__ (self, filename=None):
        gtk.DrawingArea.__init__ (self)
        self.svg = None

        if filename:
            self.load_file (filename)

    def load_file (self, filename):
        self.svg = cairo.svg.Context()
            self.svg.parse (filename)
        except cairo.svg.Error:
            exc_type, exc_value = sys.exc_info()[:2]
            print >>sys.stderr, '%s: %s' % (exc_type, exc_value)

    def do_expose_event (self, event):
        if self.svg is None:

        if gtk.pygtk_version >= (2,7,0):
            ctx = self.window.cairo_create()
            ctx = cairo.gtk.gdk_cairo_create (self.window)

        x, y, width, height = self.allocation
        svg_width, svg_height = self.svg.get_size()
        matrix = cairo.Matrix (xx=width/svg_width, yy=height/svg_height)
        ctx.set_matrix (matrix)
        self.svg.render (ctx)

if gtk.pygtk_version < (2,7,0):
    gobject.type_register (SVGWidget)

00166 class MyFileChooserDialog (gtk.FileChooserDialog):
    """A custom GtkFileSelection class that gets a filename from a user and
    remembers the current dir the next time the fileselection is used.
    def __init__ (self,
                  title   = 'Select a file',
                  parent  = None,
                  action  = gtk.FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN,
                  buttons = (gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL,
                             gtk.STOCK_OPEN,   gtk.RESPONSE_OK),
                  backend = '',
                  path    = None):
       super (MyFileChooserDialog, self).__init__ (title, parent, action,
                                                   buttons, backend)

       if path: self.path = path
       else:    self.path = os.getcwd() + os.sep

       ffilter = gtk.FileFilter()
       ffilter.set_name ("SVG files")
       ffilter.add_pattern ("*.svg")
       self.add_filter (ffilter)

       ffilter = gtk.FileFilter()
       ffilter.set_name ("All files")
       ffilter.add_pattern ("*")
       self.add_filter (ffilter)

       # previews
       self.preview = gtk.Image()
       self.set_preview_widget (self.preview)
       self.connect ("update-preview", self.update_preview_cb)

    def update_preview_cb(self, widget, data=None):
        filename = self.get_preview_filename()
        if filename is None or not os.path.isfile(filename):
            self.set_preview_widget_active (False)

            pixbuf = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size (filename, 128, 128)
            self.preview.set_from_pixbuf (pixbuf)
            self.set_preview_widget_active (True)
        except Exception, exc:
            self.set_preview_widget_active (False)

    def get_filename_from_user (self, path=None, title=None):
        if path:  self.path = path
        if title: self.set_title (title)
        if self.path.endswith (os.sep):
            self.set_current_folder (self.path)
            self.set_filename (self.path)

        filename = None
        if self.run() == gtk.RESPONSE_OK:
            self.path = filename = self.get_filename()
        return filename

if __name__ == '__main__':
    filename = None
    if len(sys.argv) == 2:
        filename = sys.argv[1]

    app = Window (title='SVGView')
    app.connect('destroy', gtk.main_quit)
    if filename:
        app.load_file (filename)


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